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Pilates on the Ocean. Simple Pilates exercises take on a whole new challenge with the movement of the Paddleboard on water. A fun class that you need no Paddleboard OR Pilates experience for.... just be prepared to get wet.

We have boards for hire but you are also welcome to bring your own. Each week we will plan to take the class in the sea, but have the option to use a near by lake in rougher waters. 

This class is extremely fun and a great introduction to Paddleboarding! This is a summer class! We will see you in May 2024

SUP Yoga and Clouds


Fancy burning as many calories as running, with less impact on the joints! Try out our Paddle Fit class and learn advanced stroke techniques, interval training, race workouts! The possibilities are endless, sit ups, press ups and planks on a paddleboard are great ways to test and improve balance, core strength and endurance all while having fun on the water with a great bunch of people. If you have never tried paddleboarding before....... no stress! Just book on to one of our paddle board lessons before attending this class.​ This is a summer class! We will see you in May 2024

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